středa 10. prosince 2014

Oozlum for Prague Vintage Fair 2014

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An event that just breathes out feminine lust, radiates out irresistible seductive powers and beats you with mesmerizing eye filling beauty.

Mature statement of how vintage fashion can be presented.
Mellow performance starring Kveta Fialova and Beata Scotkova among others (and ready to buy collections of Prague vintage boutiques - Prague Vintage Map here)!

A kiss of Virginia Woolf (her brain picks) and Bozena Nemcova.

A fleeting and fragile emotion that evaporated in the 1920's-1980's.

Distant perfumed memory of garderobe pieces resembling a novel written by our life.



Sonic excursions :

Pani Kveta Fialova and Beata Scotkova

Thank you Nora and Tereza Schmoranz!

čtvrtek 20. listopadu 2014

Kind Stadion (2014)




All the neither offensive nor defensive attempts to score.

All the aspiration to reach cherished trajectories. .

And all the terrible thrills to express the highest inner score possible to form the outside nowness. . .

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SPACEDUST 37 dedicated to :

Tracklist :

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All III Parts as download upon request (for contact see GIGS section on the right)

. .after the crowds leave. .

update 01 :
#nonviolent weapons

Sci-Fi Safari & Fashion Live! (2014)


fashion designers from Czech republic and Slovakia

Sci-Fi Safari Restart Edition 1.0
Sept 29th 2014


Fashion Klub Praha


Anna Mareskova
Marketa Martiskova
Adam Ptacek
Kristina Synek

photo report
Czech Fashion Council

all pictures here

Thank you for such a feedback!

Fashion Live!

complete music
arranger / producer / composer / music director / project sound & music consultant

Photo Report


FL! 2014 team



Music for Plató project presenting Marcel Holubec W's performance at


with supervision by Olo!

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update 02 :

středa 22. října 2014

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week 2014


YT channel

complete music

arranger / producer / composer / music director / project sound & music consultant


minimal /// dark /// halucinatory /// ritualistic /// visions




Listen To Some Highlights Of The Show :

Oozlum for Petra Ptackova, The Land Of Slow Wheels (SS 2015)

Based on this novel, Petra has launched her SS 2015 Collection during Paris Fashion Week too! Read about Petra's success here.

MBPFW 2014 Jakub Polanka SS 2015

#africa / #queen / #tribal / #urban / #simple / #majestic / #star wars / #sci-fi / #nomad / #dark / #voodoo / #drums

Jakub Polanka
Check Czech Fashion

Be Sure To Check Other Sounds From The Sci-Fi Voodoo SS15 Show HERE

and some recordings I did for La Formela Show Intro here (thanks Michael van Kroes and FAMU for making this possible)!

. .read my previous post about Martina Spetlova SS 2015 show soundtrack here. .

Modeschau : Less Is More
Worn : Backstage Photography
Dashmagazine : Coming In From The Cold

Thank you!

Nový ředitel Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend Lukáš Loskot s majitelem hlavního partnera - agentury Czechoslovak Models - Václavem Dejčmarem. (Photo by Michaela Feuereislova)

and thank you, Mario Seckar, for your choreography and guidance among others!


Update 01 :
Boris Hanecka SS 2015

Update 02 :
MBPFW soundcloud official

neděle 19. října 2014

SEED, season 4th, 2014-2015

Here We All ♫

update 01 :

Final Update :
Everything has its ending. Needless to say. .something else is about to begin!

Sept 30th 2011 - Jan 9th 2015

pondělí 6. října 2014

Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting by Craig Leon

This is good re-edition news indeed!

See my Craig Leon's post from back in time (May 2010). .

. .and that feeling when someone brings you music to work with during the fashion shows and you hear first few seconds, smile big and words come on your lip and you shout - It's Craig Leon! Yes, this happened to me during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2014 and the responsible fashion designer for this excitement was Martina Spetlova with her SS 2015. Thank you for bringing music of such a kind to Prague and Czech republic. I'm not the only one after all. :)

. .more MBPFW feedbacks and flashbacks coming S O O N!

úterý 24. června 2014

Oozlum for Petra Ptackova's DINNER IN THE ABNEY MOUNTAINS (2014)

Photo by Lucie Robinson

Petra Ptackova

F/W 2014

Dinner In The Abney Mountains

"Nová kolekce vznikla podle Petry na základě fiktivní pohádky. Příběh pojednává o skupině kamarádů, kteří se vydají vysoko do hor a hledají tajemnou jeskyni hlídanou zvláštní příšerou. Podstata pohádky ale není o cestě a pokladu. Tou pravou odměnou je to, že vylezli tak vysoko, až získali potřebný nadhled – viděli svět z jiné perspektivy. Kolekce je tudíž plná dobrodružství a výtvarných momentů. (source)

Photo by Lucie Robinson

Petra presented this collection in following cities :

with the music soundtrack by Oozlum :

Now, let's take a look at each of the unique experience that some of you were part of :

VOYAGE THROUGH CENTRAL EUROPE at the International Fashion Showcase 2014 London

The First Time for Czech Fashion Designers at International Fashion Showcase In London together with Hungary and Slovakia!

Big Up For Czech Center in London For Supporting It (presented on! article as an example of Czech Media Support!

Olo in Czech Tv summarizing the experience.

Opening Party VOYAGE THROUGH CENTRAL EUROPE at the IFS 2014, London

Czech Designers at IFS & Jakub Polanka's Jesus Gang Project

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Vogue España

backstage for


Fashionclash Maastricht

Fashionclash Maastricht Blog
Fashionclash maastricht day 2 Summed Up by Kaltblut


Bonus Interview by

středa 11. června 2014

středa 21. května 2014

Oozlum edits

Some of Oozlum edits are no longer available on soundcloud. You can find them clicking on 'OOZLUM EDIT' tag here on this blog. Thank you.

čtvrtek 8. května 2014

Oozlum Ascend Heavy Playground Love (2014)

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Just a rainy day 4'33" exercise with an exquisite coda editing of E.A.Poe - Ad Un Vecchio (1974) - oozlum brings you an ascending experience of one of its kind! Heavy RPI rocking beauty in the aesthetics of german progressivo - enjoy!

ticket here

strange symphonic round trips
dark spacey atmosphere
uplifting crescendo
dramatic tension
urgent drumming
slo mo psych

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