úterý 17. srpna 2010

What the Future Sounded Like documentary

Exploring psych analog progish fruits of Franco Battiato (again) led me to EMS (Electronic Music Studios Ltd....VCS3 (1969) - 1st synthesizer in Europe) and to this documentary 'What the future sounded like' (e.g. sound of the fly screaming) :

to be able to analyze the sound
put it into sensable musical form on a computer
to be able to manipulate that form
recreate it in a musical way

úterý 10. srpna 2010

The Outsiders - CQ (dutch garage rock 1968)

Overlooked legendary finest unsung late 60's intense psych. Proto-punk with experimental traffic space phase shift bits! Hard edged, dark atmosphere of trippy paranoia? Yes, please!

Last tyme Oozlum' feathers were oiled with such a garage dementia was with the bonniwell music machine.

Absolutely Positively! (panning claps with sharp hi-hat!)

Thanks to tyme-machine for The Lollipop Shoppe - Just Colour (us 1968) too! Lots to be discovered not only there.

čtvrtek 5. srpna 2010

A.R. & Machines - Die Grune Reise (The Green Journey) (1971, krautrock)

ticket thanks to electric flower

Solo project of one Achim Reichel.
Pure embryonic stage Krautrock, tripped out masterpiece,
maybe just a little bit of insanity. Kraut-magma vocal expressions!

personal favorite : Cosmic Vibration - An Afternoon Concert

úterý 3. srpna 2010

Meet Point - Play The Night (D-Version Oozlum Instrumental edit) (2010)

Meet Point - Play The Night (D-Version Oozlum Instrumental edit) 2010

Throbs & pumps!

Oozlum shakes off less-energy & slow-vocal-passages of play the night to shiver the feathers with pounding edit! Fly through the night!

Nora - Questa Notte (Constant, 1986)

Fresh after decades! Sounds simply ahead and keeps hey days boundboundless! YES!

Lyrics (translated by Irene, our italian roommate. I assume her mom knows Le Orme well!):

Sognando questa notte ti guardai,
Sognando questa notte ti baciai,
Tocco te e mi sento felice,
Sognando questa notte e dici: sorridimi.
Amara è questa notte senza luci,
Amara è questa notte senza adulti,
Tocco te e mi sento felice,
Amara è questa notte e dici: sorridimi.
Questa melodia è il nostro primo scontro, sì, amami!
Ecco rido già, è musica che sento, sì, stringimi!!

Dreaming this night I watched you,
Dreaming this night I kissed you,
I touch you and I feel happy,
Dreaming this night and you tell me: smile at me.
It's bitter this night without lights,
it's bitter this light without adults,
I touch you and I feel happy,
It's bitter this night and you tell me: smile at me.
This melody is our first fight, yes, love me!
I laugh already, it's the music I hear, yes, hug me tight!!

ticket thanks to Feel the rhythm

update 01 :

Thanks to Arnoldas Miliauskas for stopping by on facebook oozlum page and having a nice conversation!

Here's the requested Instrumental version (320 kbps) for late night karaoke training. Another ticket for an autogram for Arnoldas from Nora! Nora, are you there ?

Nora - Questa Notte (Instrumental version)

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