úterý 24. června 2014

Oozlum for Petra Ptackova's DINNER IN THE ABNEY MOUNTAINS (2014)

Photo by Lucie Robinson

Petra Ptackova

F/W 2014

Dinner In The Abney Mountains

"Nová kolekce vznikla podle Petry na základě fiktivní pohádky. Příběh pojednává o skupině kamarádů, kteří se vydají vysoko do hor a hledají tajemnou jeskyni hlídanou zvláštní příšerou. Podstata pohádky ale není o cestě a pokladu. Tou pravou odměnou je to, že vylezli tak vysoko, až získali potřebný nadhled – viděli svět z jiné perspektivy. Kolekce je tudíž plná dobrodružství a výtvarných momentů. (source)

Photo by Lucie Robinson

Petra presented this collection in following cities :

with the music soundtrack by Oozlum :

Now, let's take a look at each of the unique experience that some of you were part of :

VOYAGE THROUGH CENTRAL EUROPE at the International Fashion Showcase 2014 London

The First Time for Czech Fashion Designers at International Fashion Showcase In London together with Hungary and Slovakia!

Big Up For Czech Center in London For Supporting It (presented on kultura21.cz)!

Novinky.cz article as an example of Czech Media Support!

Olo in Czech Tv summarizing the experience.

Opening Party VOYAGE THROUGH CENTRAL EUROPE at the IFS 2014, London

Czech Designers at IFS & Jakub Polanka's Jesus Gang Project

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Vogue España

backstage for sickymagazine.com


Fashionclash Maastricht

Fashionclash Maastricht Blog
Fashionclash maastricht day 2 Summed Up by Kaltblut


Bonus Interview by dailylive.cz

středa 21. května 2014

Oozlum edits

Some of Oozlum edits are no longer available on soundcloud. You can find them clicking on 'OOZLUM EDIT' tag here on this blog. Thank you.

čtvrtek 8. května 2014

Oozlum Ascend Heavy Playground Love (2014)

click here for higher resolution

Just a rainy day 4'33" exercise with an exquisite coda editing of E.A.Poe - Ad Un Vecchio (1974) - oozlum brings you an ascending experience of one of its kind! Heavy RPI rocking beauty in the aesthetics of german progressivo - enjoy!

ticket here

strange symphonic round trips
dark spacey atmosphere
uplifting crescendo
dramatic tension
urgent drumming
slo mo psych

úterý 4. března 2014

Robert Ashley (1930 - 2014)

An involuntary spoken poetry with music of its very own caused dramatic realization how good this is since Dualtrack (Thank you!) retrospectively introduced this work of Robert Ashley to me. Call it talking to one's self or to God, this is truly deliberating experience. These imaginative opera recordings, done in secret, but still a performance was and still is (and ever will be) a perfect choice of unplanned and "uncontrolled" music listening.

Quote - "He was so incredibly brilliant and original and alert and non-repetitive." (source) - might signify that Robert Ashley's work set quietly in the state of ever expanding universe. The work becomes the 'force' itself.

Genius loci and the time has no rational value in these electronically sustained monologues used in the video tape composition, Title Withdrawn (Music with Roots in the Aether, video portraits of composers and their music).

Thank you Robert Ashley for your tremendous work!

/// LISTEN \\\
Automatic Writing
Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon
She Was A Visitor

Robert Ashley on Lovely Music Ltd.
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