neděle 15. března 2020

Ethical Message (UMPRUM at MBPFW) presented in Prague, London and Tokyo (2019-2020)

Ethical is often confused with eco-friendly - both are broad terms, but mean different things. Ethical fashion positively impacts the lives of the people creating it, but can also mean, by extension, that it’s not damaging the environment. In an ideal world, it would be both. (source)

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Eticke poselstvi
Ethical Message at BFGU Fashion Week 2020
Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) 2020 shows

the previous project
Power of Identity

update 01 :


pondělí 2. září 2019

Oozlum for Tereza Vu SS20 at MBPFW

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#Imagination / #AliceinWonderland / #ImaginaryWorldisreal

Door to a New World where Everything is Possible.

. . where delicate tones are replaced by darker colors evoking the Real World of Wonders!

Enjoy the music - Let's "Down The Rabbit-Hole" !

1. Entrée

2. Drink Me potion (small elixir)

3. Talking animals (anthropomorphism)

4. Eat Me Cake (cakes very strange effect)

5. Cheshire Cats (attending a strange endless tea party)

6. Wonderland is Real

7. Off with his Head

8. Shaka Shaka Shaka (Defile)

neděle 1. září 2019

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week SS 2020



project sound & music consultant / composer / arranger / producer / music director



Vogue CS



. .stay tuned for. .


update 01 :
Natalie Dufkova presented her work (SS20 collection accompanied by mix by Oozlum) at Shanghai Fashion Week and Maastricht's Fashionclash. Congratulations!

update 02 :
virvar SS 2020 report part 1 & part II

update 03 :
UMPRUM-Fashion and Footwear Design studio's Ethical message collection was accompanied by genuine mix by Oozlum presented at BFGU fashion week FW20 Jan 28th 2020! #BFGUFW2020

středa 24. dubna 2019

Oozlum - The Secret Catharsis Of Light - Symphony No.1 (2013-2016)

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Front Cover Photography by Katarina Zackova

A new mystery had supervened.

I am very pleased to announce "The Secret Catharsis of Light" which I worked upon in 2013-2016.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

I believe this work to be an autonomous visionary oeuvre of one of its kind. A pool that nobody’s fathomed the depth of before.

Now, as a preface to its launch in a few months on one of ready-to-appreciate record label (#unsigned, #lookingforrecordlabel), I offer up this small portion of Aetheral lighwaves of dazzling sonic transformations radiating 3 movements (holding together one hour of music in final launch). See booklet for more information.


Continual world's breathing that we call silence.

. . celebrating Gorecki's, Kilar's and Alfeyev's commitment to profound metaphysical hope. These sources seem to have represented the spiritual expression that I sought to achieve.

update 01:
'The Secret Catharsis of Light' has been updated from snippets only to the full length album. Thank you for listening.

sobota 20. dubna 2019

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week FW 2019



project sound & music consultant / composer / arranger / producer / music director



Jan Cerny backstage by Kaltblut
fashionbook (space disco and 'first woman on the moon')
sju loves street
Potencial ceske mody (studie)



. .stay tuned for. .


update 01 :
LaFormela music mix by Oozlum has been presented on MBPFW FW19 in Prague and also at Budapest Central European Fashion Week.

sobota 30. března 2019

MBPFW FW19 Jan Cerny by Oozlum

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Vladimir Boudnik fascination
art-making in a factory
industrial material and waste
new point of view, new aesthetics

dirty uniforms as work garment paraphrase
Rorschach's test variations
analogue portrait of a boy, repeated symbol, error into a decor
sharper silhouettes
asymetrical model of the classic

the future has disappeared


photos by Kristina Opalkova /@opaaalek/

úterý 15. ledna 2019

POWER OF IDENTITY II memory fashion message presented in London, Tokyo and Prague

Czech national identity reflected in twelve collections by students of Fashion and Footwear Design Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague (UMPRUM).

Led by professor Libena Rochova and her ceaseless energy and will to complete each work with full quality.

Supported by Bata and Preciosa.

Agata Seehakova
Dear Girls (princess dresses-fairy-tale beings in a modern way)

Ales Hnatek
Marauorum (culture of the Slavs of the Great Moravian Empire, ground plans of temples and the shape of the territory)

Antonina Zablotska
SlavEpic (grandiose artistic work and spatiality of Alfons Mucha, epos and ballads)

Barbora Prochazkova
Czechitas (commemorative folk costumes typical for individual regions, crown/wreath designating social groupings)

Eduard Ganoczy
NoldentityGirl /skull of a girl from arched bones sacred structures (ossuaries) comes to life and through intertwined memories others come to life/

Karolina Karpiskova
Whoweare /symbolism of lack of continuous development of czech history - we are who we are (or where we are), because it has happened in our past; ". .the construction of the czech national history is fractured and it is full of discontinuities, interruptions and breaks. ." Ladislav Holy, czech sociologist/

Michaela Capkova
Artefacts /appreciation of historical artifacts (e.g. kanafas) before era of the First Czechoslovak Republic/

Natalie Dufkova
Neverending Masopust (symbolism and tradition of Masopust carnival dances and its meaning of abundance communicated through the 'language' of contemporary clothing)

Natalie Nepovimova
Goddess /stories, rituals and powerful mystical nature of mysterious good witch (Kopanice region)/

Sara Berankova
Vitezslava /life and work of Vitezslava Kapralova, (April Prelude from 1937)/

Tereza Kanyzova
How to fix a broken vase (amulet as a garment piece that applies some principles and techniques used in the production of jewelry)

Zoltan Toth
Immunity /Shapes of porcelain objects from 60s applied to fashion codes inspired by 1958 World Expo exhibition in Brussels (protection and preservation of memories)/

Czech fine art, music, applied design, pop culture and masopust.

Centenary of the foundation of an independent Czechoslovakia.

National pride and cultural-artistic heritage of Czech society.


singular voice is crucial nevertheless its size / virgins / ambitions interrupted lions

Various versions of music for POWER OF IDENTITY II memory fashion message has been presented :

BFGU (Bunka Fashion Graduate University) Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week FW18

Convent of Saint Agnes in Prague

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week SS19

Power of Identity - Czech Fashion Performance in Japan House London (Czech Centre London relentlessly supports young artists and creative minds, whose talent and visions are established at home but are waiting for international recognition.)


boyfriend mag

update 01 :

New music for UMPRUM's Fashion and Footwear Design Studio at Fashion Week in Tokyo (UMPRUM & BFGU) Jan 2019!

update 02 :

'Power of Identity' was also presented in Milan among London, Tokyo and Prague.
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