pátek 14. května 2010

Craig Leon - Nommos (LP, 1981) & Visiting (LP, 1982)

Craig Leon - Nommos (LP, 1981, USA)

..drone-a-delic, Aferica rhythms, minimal synthdrone/static/repetition proto-industrialism, hypno hypno-brainmelt!..

"The name Nommos comes from the Dogon tribe in North Africa and the "Nommo" are the three eyed fish gods from Sirius who came to earth and taught the Dogon the mysteries of the universe..."
by whitepunksondope

Nommos on Mutant Sounds


sundaze 25 by excellent rho-xs.blogspot.com! (THE CATHERiNE WHEEL BY DAVID BYRNE IS ABSOBSOBSOLUTE MUST!)

personally favorite : She Wears A Hemispherical Skull Cap

Craig Leon - Visiting (LP, 1982, USA)

Visting on lunaratrium

personally favorite : Region of Fleeing Civilians 1 & Details Suggest Fidelity to Fac 1

Craig Leon on

Get kraut-motorized by :
The complete Tapes of Atoya by Arthur Brown and Craig Leon

other bands worth to aural splashed you if you haven't so :
Martin Rev

čtvrtek 6. května 2010

Jürgen Pluta - Blanche (1980, new age, experimental, disco)

One of my space disco rock wishlist item is avAilable thanks to
disco2go. Thank you & and now .. get blanched, lady!

Jean Pierre Bernard Massiera pt II

Cows, Cocks, Goats, J.P.Massiera, fuzz, spell, rural, disco, madness! OH YES!!

ThAnk you, moog sensations!!

While preparing for this friday's performance
at NoD, Prague, Czech Republic i just came across this Fuego
release that was produced by J.P.Massiera.

Fuego - misa criolla & fiesta argentina (1982, vip, vip 15064)

ticket here

Fuego on discogs

Misa Criolla is full of children working and reaching in south america odor discomagic sleaze that i just can't stop dust my fingers on! A side is preferred better!

update : Release of Misa Criolla can be heard before 1982 in 1979's release by Micky & Joyce – Hold Up (discogs) and posted on moogsensations among others J.P.Massiera gems!

Talking about children Space - CHild is a MUST (especially 3 : 19 - the ending)


středa 5. května 2010

philippe laurent - et hop


Quirky nectarous of et hop! that catapults to

(Saga, heads or tales, 1983, front)

aaaaaahhheet HOP sphere! VERY VERY GOOD!

Thanks goes to the thing on the door step for hooking me up with this one
in rising from red sand compilation (vol. 1-5 - recommended listening!). Unfortunately the quality of tracks there is mono and pretty low.

ticket to et HOP! here (192 kbps, stereo)

Philippe on discogs

Philippe on myspace

eeeeet HOP!

(V !, ph by M)

neděle 2. května 2010

Osiris - S/T (1981)

Absolutely easy one of the very interesting auricular reve la tion - Bahrainian sympho disco prog! Brilliant!

personally favorite : Atmun, SAiLOR ON THE SEAS OF FATE

AVAiLABLE on the fairfield parlour

THANK YOU! & COME BACK with your finds!
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