pondělí 29. června 2009

Tvyks & V ! remixes (Dance Area - AA 24/7, Kid E. feat. Bad Teeth - Summa Flava, Digitalism - Taken Away)

Dance Area feat. Austin Boston - AA 24/7 (Tvyks & V! remix)

Kid E. feat. Bad Teeth - Summa Flava (Tvyks & V! Sea Flava remix)

Digitalism - Taken Away (Tvyks & V! On a Trip remix)
(no stream available)

Kid Elliot
V !

DiSCO MORGANA™ yellow spa ?cat?walk

L I S T E N (only on request)

update 01 :

neděle 28. června 2009

Dance Area feat. Austin Boston - Always Anytime 24/7 (Tvyks & V! remix)

Do it!

early 2009 dutch club anthem splashed by Tvyks & V !

hotbiscuits.wordpress.com :
'an interesting "jam session" version of AA247'

Movie sequences are taken from czechoslovakia movie Daisies (1966) by Vera Chytilova.

úterý 23. června 2009


born for less sophisticated party animals

( carefully picked sound collage )

phascinated by romance of discomagic italo that is devastatingly
influenced by kraut-disco rhythms and industrial funk. This faultless
canon catapults your aural consciousness to the unknown rituaera.

The initial emit of flash that gave the birth of the 14th edition of

heavy mental party

L I S T E N (only on request)

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