neděle 30. srpna 2009


this guide/how to on kerismith's blog is being shaped now by Oozlum
with stellar propulsion into Altar of good morning first reading

1 - Oozlum is an art project with no comparison to others.

2 - Oozlum talks to its family about what it does and is careless for expecting
them to cheer on.

3 - Oozlum lets its inspiration flow through different fields of art.

4 - Oozlum knows that there is so much to know.

5 - Oozlum values its expertise.

6 - Oozlum DOES great things without money.

7 - Oozlum is clear of societal pressures bows.

8 - Oozlum does work no matter how others like it.

9 - Oozlum brings its own raw visions of art that clients/customers/gallery owners/patrons/
investors/ are crazy about in a good way.

10 - Oozlum sets achievable goals. To be accomplished by the day Oozlum decides.

Feel free to share in case there is an idea of reprogramming in a different way. Very interested about that.

pátek 28. srpna 2009

U.K. - Nothing to loose

Gotta run for my life!

1st aural blast of U.K. thanks to!

U.K. on progarchives
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