neděle 15. listopadu 2009

Christian Kolonovits - Life is Just a Carnival (LP, 1976) & Ton Scherpenzeel - Carnaval Des Animaux (LP, 1978)

Make a Stand = aural masturbation of a very special kind !





Ton Scherpenzeel - Carnaval Des Animaux (LP, 1978)

Ton Scherpenzeel (Hilversum, Netherlands 6 August 1952–) is a keyboardist who was a founding member of the Dutch rock band Kayak, together with Pim Koopman and Max Werner whom he met whilst at the Hilversum Muziek Lyceum (Hilversum Music Grammar School)....(continue discogs reading)

His first solo album (1978) was an adaptation of Le carnaval des animaux by noted French classical music composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

Personally favorite : Introduction & Fossiles

středa 11. listopadu 2009

Schtüng - Schtung (1977) & Fermáta - Huascaran (1978)

English art-school-sounding, quite unique in its unsettling tunefulness.
Their one 1977 album is a forgotten classic, with its bizarre songs about
talking to trees!

ticket here


available on kiwi prog (player)

What is your favorite PROG destination ?


Quite pleased by Slovak FERMÁTA (fusion jazz-rock). Pretty Rare!



new ticket (thanks, amakina)

Ticket : Safari (Mac OS X) - Window - Activity - alt + click = Heureka

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VA - Psychoses Freakoïd (1963-1978, 106,2 Mb, 320 kbps)

Psychoses Freakoïd (1963-1978)

01 il tubo dell' anno
02 psychose
03 inside my brain
04 dali court
05 la turbie pirhanienne
06 engins bizarres et gens etranges
07 bizarre
08 plus jamais ca
09 flatwoods story
10 space woman
11 space inferno
12 the last tourment
13 jingle jungle
14 la nef des fous
15 terre larbour

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According discogs Les Chats - Le Gâteau Du Peuple is missing but can be found here

BONUS inside my brain by Les Maledictus Sound & the last tournament by Hermans Rocket BONUS

Jean Pierre Bernard Massiera (Human egg!) on oozlum

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Earth and Fire

Earth & Fire - Song Of The Marching Children (Hol 1971)

Jerney Kaagman (only sung in school bands prior to joining)

personally favorite : Song Of The Marching Children (S/T, 1971) Fanfare (Atlantis, 1973)


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