středa 24. listopadu 2010

Just a moving quote...(2010)

"To, co je ciste a nove, Vas mozna minout muze, ale Vase deti/dalsi generace ne. Tak proc neotevrit oci prave ted ?"

"The pure and the unknown might not hit you but your kids / next generations will be on fair-minded fire. So why don’t you open your eyes now ?"

V ! (Oozlum)

neděle 14. listopadu 2010

Ph*l Man*anera - B*g D*me (2010, Oozlum edit)

Phil's big dome

full of stimulating aural babies coming from experimental rock womb with caesarotomic vocoders that make you wanna grow till the final absolutely amazing turbo-ascending comet re-boost! Cascades that catapulted Oozlum into higher spheres! Essential experience!

Ph*l Man*anera - B*g D*me (Oozlum edit) (2010)

Other Phil's work in this vein is highly recommended!

'Europe 80-1'
'Impossible Guitar'
'Nueva Ola'
'Walking Through Heaven's Door'

Devil Doll - The Sacrilage of fatal arms (2010, Oozlum 1 2 3 hai 4 edit)

As announced in SHAH MAT post here is the promised fragment of unreleased material.

Dark, but not black!

Electrified gothic prog with electronic burst...TANGO flavour mixed with marching funeral tanz marine tanz brigades! A warning to the curious...this music can alter your mental health!

ticket here

David Roach - Running With The River (2010, Oozlum edit)

Late night downtown jungle chatter awakening through the saporific power of brilliant rocking synthesis and the harmonic sophistication of jazz continuing to the first blast of sharp and primitive forgotten instinct evoking percussion blended with synthesized dark edge of the night loosing horizonts into the light and bright day full of David's soprano-alto-tenor saxophone variations whipped by captivating synthesized powah! Year 1987...23 years after.!.Oozlum edit that lacks lots of original vocal parts being served with. . .JOY!

update 01 :
Graciously posted on avant-avant!

update 02 :
In the mix of FOG AND DRONE!

V ! (Oozlum) & collective of designers for SfS 2010

Shooting fashion stars 2010


Veronika Mayerova

Zuzana Kubiĉkovȧ

Oozlum has been ready to aurally errect almost every kind of willing misty-desire coming out of our dreams (this is actually aural ɑ & Ω of this blog!) expedition to explore unknown territories while travelling through not only our culture-trotting garderobe? Yes!

Here's the earshot expression of this kind of being the dream in case of Zuzana :

Iain Ballamy - Mictyris (Oozlum edit)

Zuzana Sedmidubska

Ticket to natural joy from eco touch in every walk on the water below

Cro Magnon & Bub - tram 44 (Oozlum extended edit)


Willingness to travel and explore foreign cultures (Yunnan province, China) with straight connection to the context of modernized western '*** is the new black!' world.

Art Zoyd - Migrations

Near future Oozlum-Mirka Talavaskova symph-fashion co-operation

about SfS

Design magazin

light garden


Mladi cesti navrhari smele konkuruji svetovym predvadecim molum!

czech elle

Not credited : defile (final) & other aural parts of SfS (collective of designers - Dvojita (Sharp), Pavel Ivancic, music & video by Daniel Pietrucha) ....

Daniel Pietrucha short SfS movie clips
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