středa 22. října 2014

Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week 2014


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complete music

arranger / producer / composer / music director / project sound & music consultant


minimal /// dark /// halucinatory /// ritualistic /// visions




Listen To Some Highlights Of The Show :

Oozlum for Petra Ptackova, The Land Of Slow Wheels (SS 2015)

Based on this novel, Petra has launched her SS 2015 Collection during Paris Fashion Week too! Read about Petra's success here.

MBPFW 2014 Jakub Polanka SS 2015

#africa / #queen / #tribal / #urban / #simple / #majestic / #star wars / #sci-fi / #nomad / #dark / #voodoo / #drums

Jakub Polanka
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Be Sure To Check Other Sounds From The Sci-Fi Voodoo SS15 Show HERE

and some recordings I did for La Formela Show Intro here (thanks Michael van Kroes and FAMU for making this possible)!

. .read my previous post about Martina Spetlova SS 2015 show soundtrack here. .

Modeschau : Less Is More
Worn : Backstage Photography
Dashmagazine : Coming In From The Cold

Thank you!

Nový ředitel Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend Lukáš Loskot s majitelem hlavního partnera - agentury Czechoslovak Models - Václavem Dejčmarem. (Photo by Michaela Feuereislova)

and thank you, Mario Seckar, for your choreography and guidance among others!


Update 01 :
Boris Hanecka SS 2015

Update 02 :
MBPFW soundcloud official

neděle 19. října 2014

SEED, season 4th, 2014-2015

Here We All ♫

update 01 :

Final Update :
Everything has its ending. Needless to say. .something else is about to begin!

Sept 30th 2011 - Jan 9th 2015

pondělí 6. října 2014

Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting by Craig Leon

This is good re-edition news indeed!

See my Craig Leon's post from back in time (May 2010). .

. .and that feeling when someone brings you music to work with during the fashion shows and you hear first few seconds, smile big and words come on your lip and you shout - It's Craig Leon! Yes, this happened to me during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2014 and the responsible fashion designer for this excitement was Martina Spetlova with her SS 2015. Thank you for bringing music of such a kind to Prague and Czech republic. I'm not the only one after all. :)

. .more MBPFW feedbacks and flashbacks coming S O O N!
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