pondělí 29. dubna 2013

Oozlum - Zapped By (2013)


Rising from the red sand of abondoned ceremonial dwellings flamed up in the dunes, the zapped luminarities enliven the mounting of devotinal germinated forms lifting up from the ground to become a lambent again.

The disembodied fullness of its glorified resignation performs splashed down, magnetized masses to help temples to rise again.

Rising from the red sand of abondoned ceremonial dwellings...

There is a wide aural spectrum ranging from "the needs of both the service-oriented Top and the non-submissive, sensory-seeking bottom" to "whip it good" or resilient melodies, just to name a few. In other words something for everyone.

Oozlum work is available freely for non commercial use but not freely for any of commercial use.

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Pure healthy unease! (Fixation to hard tight tension.)

Awe-inspiring visuals :

update 01 :

update 02 :
update 03 :

neděle 14. dubna 2013

Oozlum - AOR & Gospel mix (2013)

Before this mix was done i presented the music at a party in Crypt, Prague - to light up the space and the energy - white magic deal. All over because this mix put my attention on anything that makes me feel blessed and that makes me feel gratitude and that makes me feel abundant - How is it vibrating with you ?

Here comes the chant :

Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum

There's a road I know I must go
Even though I tell myself
That road is closed
Listen lonely seabird
You've been away from land too long
Aw, too long
This world isn't big enough
To keep me away from you
Aw, from you

I say nobody...nobody...in the world of today...

There are too many people
Saying what it's all about
Should be praying to find
Themselves and not an out

For I know that it's hard to see
All the things we ought to be
Many things we cannot see are there
The Son died for you and me
That we may live eternally
Through Him there is a peace we can share
Yes, we can share

Now's (not) the time...

Non, non, rien n'a changé
Tout, tout a continué
Non, non, rien n'a changé
Tout, tout a continué
Hey heeeey! Hey heeeey!

Pour prier, oui pour prier
Pour prier, oui pour prier

Ale-luuu-ja, Ale-luuu-ja, Ale-luuu-ja,

...but speak of me with love...
...but speak of me with love...
...do not kill, give your life, for the others...
...run from temptation, run from temptation...

...you gotta lot of this and lot of that...

...my point of view,
you want me for your own ?
Little to much to put me through,
We are targets for each other,
looking into mirror - and my eyes are aimed at you
we resemble one another i find my target - when my eyes are aimed at you!

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