středa 20. listopadu 2013

Oozlum for SAINT LAURENT (collection piece by Hedi Slimane) presented by SIMPLE CONCEPT store at DESIGNBLOK 2013 with Jan Grombirik, Matous Tichy, Karolina Mrozkova and Lukas Loskot

ph by Jan Grombirik

Cult, iconic, ideal archetype for adoration, mysticism.

altar built from the dark with cone of the light burning off the space to show the vision of Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent - a jacket, black leather jacket, baaad biker costume far from the convention!

power ambient + death industrial = ritualistic vibes to set your spirits free!

incense of sacred tibetan rites

black leather

impression from your lips walking out of the chamber

instagram by Jakub Kucera


instagram by Jan Grombirik

Matous Tichy
Hedi Slimane
Simple concept
Saint Laurent
Karolina Mrozkova

Oozlum minimal beau mix for Pavel Brejcha (2013)

La mer of minimalistic curves floating on a calm oneness sparkling with Avant-Garde Classical Minimalism :

camera/editing : Yevgeniy Rozhko

music : V ! (Oozlum)

model : Carol (Supermoda management)

special thanks : Jan Boublik and Andrea A.Stuart

Fashionbook (coming soon!)

středa 6. listopadu 2013

SEED celebrating 3rd season with more live acts and DJs to come!

It's been 3 years since SEED party has started to host numerous live acts and Djs from Europe in Prague. We are utterly looking forward for incoming artists to play with that we've always admired for their aesthetics in music. Furthermore two members of our crew - Mike.H and Not_me - are slowly but with great dedication working on their own production to be presented LIVE when the time is rite. Yeah!

SEED guests for November 2013 issues are going to be Norwell and Imre Kiss - both live! Personally I couldn't stop listening to Gray's Legend remix of S Olbricht - soaks me in a come of one of its kind!

Imre Kiss's midnight waving implodes with other tracks to give you an idea why we party like. :)

Norwell's Harmonia has been colorfully released on Box records and you can listen to it here :

flyer(s) by Oozlum :

update 01 :

update 02 :

little video from A4 - what a lovely event! with YOU! and Tlaotlon (New Zeland) and Stred Sveta (Czech Republic). I'm playing Aegis (Original mix) by talented Andre Bratten!

update 03 :

update 04 :

1st live show (SEED with Randweg in Neone) - Mike.H playing

1st live show (SEED with Randweg in Neone) - Mike.H playing with Not_me

Randweg - ph by Richard Horin

Randweg's live version of Rasen at Neone, Prague, Jan 10th 2014

update 04 :

update 05 :

update 06 :

sobota 3. srpna 2013

KURATOR (Karoliny Svetle 17, Prague, Czech republic) 2013 - ∞

Utterly righteous accessibility of continuously blossoming czech edgy fashion designs and all the good things connected curating & creating by two friends of mine (Martina Malá & Jan Košátko) - they simply do what they love and it does show clearly.

Mix reflecting Kurator's second installment. . .themed. ."GARDEN" - with love by V ! (Oozlum) :

listen here

01 Robin Crutchfield - summoning spell
02 Ghizeghem - De Tous Beins Plaine
03 Famlende Forsok - Kutt 23
04 Svitlana Nianio - W Koronie Przejrzystych Chmur
05 Timbre Timbre - I Get Low
06 Freshly Wrapped Candies - Green Grass
07 Sheila Chandra - Songbird
08 Jonsi & Alex - Boy 1904
09 KTU - Sumu
11 Erik Wollo - Sequenza
12 Riccardo Fogli - Vieni Madre Torno Al Tuo Grembo (Oozlum fix)
13 Robin Crutchfield - enchanted ice cream truck
14 Peter Scion - may she fly high
15 Greg Davis - Cosmic Mudra

Click image above to see jedenactkocek /photo/report!

Kurator official web

Kurator fb page

Bon voyage, my dear Kurator!
The voyage of life, childhood, 1842 by Thomas Cole

čtvrtek 6. června 2013

Nekyia - Initial Difficulty Requires The Differentiation (Oozlum Despair Edit) (2013)

Beyond Despair Shines The Dark Brighter!

Ticket here

Stronger and more consistent avant rhythms of this hardly pounding goddess takes an unconventional step into lands of sensational despair!

Prominently pulsing overloads, stunning ultra-percussion with an industrial bent!

Charming crush on structure and rhythm!

Buy Alchemalady
- here -
- here -
- here -

Official review here..

pondělí 29. dubna 2013

Oozlum - Zapped By (2013)


Rising from the red sand of abondoned ceremonial dwellings flamed up in the dunes, the zapped luminarities enliven the mounting of devotinal germinated forms lifting up from the ground to become a lambent again.

The disembodied fullness of its glorified resignation performs splashed down, magnetized masses to help temples to rise again.

Rising from the red sand of abondoned ceremonial dwellings...

There is a wide aural spectrum ranging from "the needs of both the service-oriented Top and the non-submissive, sensory-seeking bottom" to "whip it good" or resilient melodies, just to name a few. In other words something for everyone.

Oozlum work is available freely for non commercial use but not freely for any of commercial use.

ticket here

Pure healthy unease! (Fixation to hard tight tension.)

Awe-inspiring visuals :

update 01 :

update 02 :
update 03 :

neděle 14. dubna 2013

Oozlum - AOR & Gospel mix (2013)

Before this mix was done i presented the music at a party in Crypt, Prague - to light up the space and the energy - white magic deal. All over because this mix put my attention on anything that makes me feel blessed and that makes me feel gratitude and that makes me feel abundant - How is it vibrating with you ?

Here comes the chant :

Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum

There's a road I know I must go
Even though I tell myself
That road is closed
Listen lonely seabird
You've been away from land too long
Aw, too long
This world isn't big enough
To keep me away from you
Aw, from you

I say the world of today...

There are too many people
Saying what it's all about
Should be praying to find
Themselves and not an out

For I know that it's hard to see
All the things we ought to be
Many things we cannot see are there
The Son died for you and me
That we may live eternally
Through Him there is a peace we can share
Yes, we can share

Now's (not) the time...

Non, non, rien n'a changé
Tout, tout a continué
Non, non, rien n'a changé
Tout, tout a continué
Hey heeeey! Hey heeeey!

Pour prier, oui pour prier
Pour prier, oui pour prier

Ale-luuu-ja, Ale-luuu-ja, Ale-luuu-ja,

...but speak of me with love...
...but speak of me with love... not kill, give your life, for the others... from temptation, run from temptation... gotta lot of this and lot of that... point of view,
you want me for your own ?
Little to much to put me through,
We are targets for each other,
looking into mirror - and my eyes are aimed at you
we resemble one another i find my target - when my eyes are aimed at you!


čtvrtek 17. ledna 2013

Grannens Forflutna - Strategi Gul 12'' (Sweden, 1983)

Big thanks to Sergio Rizzolo from Diskoakademin ("It's a rare bird, goes for about 90 Euros on Discogs.") to pinpoint this chattering and shy beauty.

Well, sometimes genial artist fear out-side-world and build amazing keys to enter it. (cover art impression). This is the case & over all rare bird!


Ticket here

update 01 (Dec 2016):
Read THE STORY OF GRANNENS FÖRFLUTNA on wildlife records!

úterý 15. ledna 2013

SEED top moments of 2012

Ditchmag's Martin Vait asked not only SEED collective (part 1 here and part 2 here) to pinpoint essentially flamboyant moments when soul, body and everything around becomes one. Yes, we are talking about music! Here's the list made by me, Mike.H and Not_me - our lovely team whom i'm thankful for being so adventurous and brave enough to help make SEED happen! It's not easy but it's worth it every bit of it!

V! (Oozlum)

The Walls & Dorian Concept @ Nachtdigital
Mike.H SEED warm up for Friday Dunard & Redlock @ Sklenick
Not_me @ Freez fest

BIG TUNES (SEEDed in 2012)! (Time and space has no importance!)

Adr – Solitary Pursuits (2011)

Die Partei – Strahlsund (1981)

Professor Genius – Time of the Assassins (Steve Moore remix) (2012)

The Crystal Ark – The City Never Sleeps (Instrumental) (2010)

Rrose – waterfall (2011)

James Hurricane – Daiichi (Original Mix) (2012)

Vatican Shadow – Shadow War In Yemen (2011)


Quick Culture – quick culture 12′‘ (46-paradoxx, 1982)
Bushido – Deliverance (1982)
Henri-Michel Raschle ‎– Daemonia: The Magic Trip Through Your Soul (1981)
Human Egg – S/T (1978)
U.K. – Danger Money (1979)

Soon to be released as special post with links, impressions etc.!

Mike.H Highlights 2012


Factory Floor @ Unsound, Krakow / Strobo, hypno, synth-parade!
Nils Frahm, Oláfur Arnalds @ Palác Akropolis, Praha
Sigur Rós @ Sacrum Profanum, Krakow
Zombie Zombie @ Nachtdigital
DJ Spinn @ Nowa Muzyka, Katowice

New blood:

Warm Digits
Silent Letter


Avus – Monterrey Sunrise [Shabu]
BEAK> – BEAK>> [Invada]
DJ Rashad – Teklife vol.1 [Lit City Trax]
Evian Christ – Kings And Them [Tri Angle]
Food Pyramid – Mango Sunrise [Moon Glyph]
Harmonious Thelonious – Listen [Italic]
Introvert – Inner Horizons [semi released, bandcamp]
Johann Johannsson – Copenhagen Dreams [Mute]
John Talabot – Fin [Permanent Vacation]
Kreidler – Den [Bureau B]
Loops Of Your Heart – And Never Ending Nights [Magazine]
Luke Abbott – Moder Driveaway [Notown]
Margot / Steffen Bennemann – Nachti Zwölf Zoll split [White Label/Nachtdigital]
Petar Dundov – Ideas From The Pond [Music Man]
Seams – Tourist / Sleeper EP [Full Time Hobby]
Sigward – Broken Carrousel [Amateur Music]
Stabil Elite – Douze Pouze [Italic]
Steve Hauschildt – Sequitur [Kranky]
Zombie Zombie – Rituels d’un nouveau monde [Versatile] (2)

Digged from the Past:

Claude Perraudin – Selected Tracks [Patchwork 1978-1980]
Kashmir – Alarme Switzerland [1979]
Silver Apples – Silver Apples [1968]


j.r. plankton – NEON (Karaoke kalk)
(Ohm + Strüver a jejich esence elektronické hudby)

fantastikoi hxoi – LP (Inner ear) (for me a long awaited release at the end of the year and it has conquered everything i've heard so far - delicate fusion of avant-garde greek pop and krautrock)

idiot idols – sisters and brothers (Niccolo Bianchi remix) (idols, bianchi, vaghe stelle, battilani…a Itálie vůbec)

All-time-gig saturday at festival Nachtidital 2012 – Webermichelson, Three Trapped Tigers, The Walls, Zombie Zombie, Rocket Number Nine – excellent dramaturgy!

ACT (as well as gig): Introvert

úterý 8. ledna 2013

Zuzana ZK Kubickova magical show at PFW 2012


by Oozlum


01 Enno Velthuys - Ebb And Flood
02 Five Thousand Spirits - Haat-Lunis
03 Stelvio Cipriani - Underwater Mood
04 Adr - solitary pursuits
05 Yes Wizard! - V09D09 (collage mix)
06 Ulver - Hallways Of Always

(experienced live from Underwater Mood track)


Photo report from Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 day 3 by vojtech kastanek

Official PFW 2012 fotoreport by Jiri Granilla (including photos from Marcel Holubec W. show - my next post)

Another foto report by jedenactkocek, meow!


PFW 2012 ZK video from show


Official ZK site

ZK on Kikimoraspath

Words of appreciation :

I would love to express my deep acknowledgements about trust in my willingness to accompany with music such a spirit on czech fashion scene as Zuzana Kubickova is. This show was another fruitful example of our lovely joint action. Thank you Zuzana, thank you Olo, thank you all!

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