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born for less sophisticated party animals

( carefully picked sound collage )

Soaked to the aural skin of ossicula auditus Oozlum's GOLDEN RAiN splashes DiSCO MORGANA dua newness. Prog essence twisted by electro-surf and quirky raw elements into mutant pop corrected by lightness of kraut-disco heading to pre-xian symphonic orgasm polished by hulahula coconut sluts mannered by witch wedding ritual ceremony sounds from Aferica far away. . .all here! What an ADVENTURE!

L I S T E N (only on request)

TO BE arrised from Oozlum colorful submarine Dec 19th, Prague (Brno following)!


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aural/sonical inspiriah

Steve Moore - S/T (Demo 2003), The Henge (2007)

Steve Moore (Demo 2003)

01 underwater worlds
02 o.r.b.
03 consec
04 the observatory
05 the jefferson institute
06 waves
07 into the black hole
08 the machines
09 the white knight
10 bonus track (Fever Dream)

The Henge

01 introduction
02 infinite resignation
03 ascension
04 dead tide
05 cepheid

link removed on request

Steve on myspace


Ramases - Space Hymns (UK Progressive 1971), Glass Top Coffin (UK symphonic prog folk 1975)

Space Hymns

Cathedral burst out by raising rocket ship flying deep into space hymns incantation!

Outer-space lyrics here!

personally favorite : Quasar One, You're the only one, Earth-people, Balloon (explo! at the FIN!)

posted way before,

discovered just now

Glass Top Coffin

time has told me

Nost-Algae RS

covers by roger dean

Floating island

Homemade houses (hippie)

ticket here

(photo album that is going to grow as we water our passion. . .if there is a neohippie vision of your way feel free to leave a comment)

Can Am Des Puig - The Book of AM (Pts. I & II) (1978)

OUTstanding psych/unearthly folk . . . HAUNTING melodies full of essential trippy elements...

personally favorite : The Song Of Am - Dawn

. . .to transmute the mortality. . .

discogs . . .Includes a 143-page illustrated hardcover book comprised of the original illustrated Book of AM by Juan Arkotxa and Leslie Mackenzie along with extensive notes and information. . .

ex-chrisgoesrock . . . mist-veiled-garden...and now available on dirtyfunky!



update 01 :

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Windy Corner - Lost Garden (1972)

Dutch minimal psychedelic folk group...very relaxing to listen to...

Haunting, simple, unique!

01 Light And Darkness
02 Falling Unknown
03 a) Tell Me b) Symphony Of The Lost Garden


Alice in Acidland (1968)

Alice in Acidland delivers a cautionary tale about the mind-altering affects of LSD in this story of a naive college girl who becomes involved with a bunch of cool 60s swingers. She soon starts experimenting with free love and marijuana. Looking for bigger thrills she drops acid and the film switches to colour for a wild psychedelic sequence of free love, sensual sounds and nerve-tingling visuals.

other reviews

Alice in Acidland (1968, 700Mb)

personally favorite clutter : around 50th minute

Albert Marcoeur (RIO/Avant-Prog, France) - 3 studio albums

ALBERT MARCOEUR, French multi-instrumentalist/composer, was born on December 12 1947, in Dijon, France. During his formal education of clarinet at the National Academy of Music and Dance of Dijon, Marcoeur actively participated in many straightforward college rock 'n roll bands. Closing an end to his formal training Marcoeur's musical visions had gravitated towards the experimental facets of music, wishing "to do nothing else but make my own music"...(continue progarchives reading)


Albert Marcoeur, studio album (1974)
Album à colorier, studio album (1974)
Armes et cycles, studio album (1979)
Celui où y'a Joseph, studio album (1984)
Ma vie avec elles, studio album (1990)
Sports et percussions, studio album (1994)
m,a,r et cour, comme cour, studio album (1998)
Plusieurs cas de figure, studio album (2001)
L'Apostrophe, studio album (2005)
Bus 24, DVD (2006)

While an acquired taste, ALBERT MARCOEUR's early works are highly recommended.

Albert Marcoeur - Albert Marcoeur (1974)

Albert Marcoeur - album Е colorier (1976)

Albert Marcoeur - Armes Et Cycles (1979)

Albert Marcoeur - S/T was posted on francemusik before (Bitrate 96 / 22,5 Mb).
Oozlum version is around 224 kbps bitrate / 166 Mb and the whole package contains first 3 LPs (there is also an example of 4th album)

ticket here

There is a bonus track included (07 veloutй d'asperges) from 1984's celui ou ya joseph LP which is my personally favorite track from this LP!

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Shub-Niggurath - Shub-Niggurath (1986, France), Shub-Niggurath - Les morts vont vite (1986, France)

essential Avant-prog / Zeuhl

personally favorite : In Memorium (Shub-Niggurath (1986, France)

here (sorry, but the blog has been removed, it's a dead link)

Krása nesmírná (Nenagljadnaja krasota) by Karnauchova, Irina Valer'janova

dara sedaka - i'm your girlfriend (1982)


In 1982, Dara released her first solo album entitled "I'm Your Girl Friend" only for Japan. Smart lyrics sung in a pure, simple style. Almost demanding (I'M Your Girlfriend! You tell me what you want from me! YOU TELL ME!). David Foster's early 80's producing.

Drums: Mike Baird
Percussion. Paul Lari
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Guitars: Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon
Keyboards: David Foster
Synthesizer: Steve Porcaro, Kitaro
Sax: Gary Herbig
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Background Vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, Clif Newton, Bryan Adams

Personally favorite : I'M Your Girlfriend, Huggin, The Real Me, Try To See It My Way. Which is your favorite one?

click * on had70 (320 kbps)

DE DE - S&M (SEXY MUSIC) (Clean Version) 12" 1983

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Randy Newman - The story of a Rock & Roll band (cut of the end)

There is something about the end of Randy Newman's The Story of a Rock & Roll Band . . . goose flesh!!

Born Again 1979

Personally favorite : Pants, The Story Of A Rock And Roll Band, Pretty Boy !

Trouble in Paradise 1983

Personally favorite : Mikey's !

official website

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Silver Apples

Silver Apples are a psychedelic electronic music duo from New York City composed of Simeon Coxe III, who performs as Simeon, on a primitive synthesizer of his own devising (also named The Simeon), and until his death in 2005, drummer Danny Taylor. The group was active between 1967 and 1969, before reforming in the mid 1990s. They were one of the first groups to employ electronic music techniques extensively within a rock idiom, and their minimalistic style, with its pulsing, driving beat and frequently discordant modality, anticipated not only the experimental electronic music and krautrock of the 1970s, but underground dance music and indie rock of the 1990s as well...(continue wiki reading)

silver apples on discogs

silver apples official page

Silver apples myspace

1st 2 LPs

Silver Apples (1968 Kapp Lp)

Silver Apples-CONTACT (1968 / 1969) (the package actually includes Silver Apples 1968 + Contact 1969 in 320 kbps)
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