úterý 9. února 2010

Dead blogs alive again! (Explore deleted blogs with this trick!, 2010)

Sign up for google account.
Use the google reader product.
Whilst still signed key url like this into the address bar:


'nameoftheblog' is an example of the url of your blog that you want to explore..

Great trick! Thank you, Prairie Hick!

pondělí 8. února 2010

YOU - Wonders From The Genetic Factory (1996, Cue Records)

1984's 'Future Generation' is still future in 1996 and even in 2010 and will be in 2??? too!


ticket here



Thanks to synopsiselektronika for Elektric days & Time code

reposted on 36-15-moog

pondělí 1. února 2010

Deaf School - Don't Stop The World (1977) & 2nd Honeymoon (1976)

Deaf School - Don't stop the world (1977)

...mix of Euro cabaret and Punk...(Deaf School myspace)

personally favorite : Taxi

Deaf School - 2nd honeymoon (1976)

... The sound was a concoction of modernized Tin Pan Alley, theatrical inner-war melodrama and raunchy post-Glam camp...(Deaf School's myspace)

Deaf School myspace

Deaf School official

Streetmark (Sky label, neo-kraut-prog 70s naive disco)

(1976) Nordland

(1977) Eileen

(1979) Dreams

Please note that the tracklist here is the same as 1977's Eileen. Only 'Streaming (Bonus track)' is an extra (it is included in 1981's sky racer). The album art is being displayed here but it is not part of the 'ticket'.

(1979) Dry

(1981) Sky Racer

A very variable progressive band from the Düsseldorf region...An early concert review describes them as being "eine Mischung aus barocken Orgelschnörkeln und coolen Jazzspielereien" ("a mix of ornamental baroque organs and playful jazzy interventions" - thanks, Carolin) which is quite different to the sound on their debut album.

...In 1975 Streetmark were fronted by gruff aspiring Heavy Metal vocalist Georg Buschmann, who tended to get in the way somewhat, in what was a complex keyboard progressive with unique rhythmic structures. NORDLAND...with many excellent instrumental excursions, diverting to classical rock and spacey prog. After Buschmann left (he went on to Straight Shooter I, II ('My time, Your time' is Oozlum's all time favorite!!), III, IV), they were then joined by vocalist/synthesist Wolfgang Riechmann (Wunderbar is still available on synopsiselektronika!) on EILEEN. His background in electronic music (with the seminal but undocumented Spirit Of Sound) changed the Streetmark style dramatically, moving to a spacey synth-drenched progressive, with lengthy surging instrumentals. A fresh and innovative album with a style of its own, which they were unable to follow afterwards without Riechmann.

On DRY Streetmark were down to a trio, with Dorothea Raukes in control as multi-synthesizer/keyboard operator and vocalist. A nice, but more commercial offering, with good use of male and female vocal harmonies. Highly synthesized, yet mellow, almost dodgily sounding like The Carpenters on one track, it also hinted at the more commercial style SKY RACER was to follow. (light version or FULL VERSION
of the Crack in the Cosmic Egg - WHAT A GIFT, THANK YOU NINA!)

Streetmark on progarchives

Ticket here (Nordland, Eileen, Dry, Sky Racer)
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