úterý 8. ledna 2013

Zuzana ZK Kubickova magical show at PFW 2012


by Oozlum


01 Enno Velthuys - Ebb And Flood
02 Five Thousand Spirits - Haat-Lunis
03 Stelvio Cipriani - Underwater Mood
04 Adr - solitary pursuits
05 Yes Wizard! - V09D09 (collage mix)
06 Ulver - Hallways Of Always

(experienced live from Underwater Mood track)


Photo report from Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 day 3 by vojtech kastanek

Official PFW 2012 fotoreport by Jiri Granilla (including photos from Marcel Holubec W. show - my next post)

Another foto report by jedenactkocek, meow!


PFW 2012 ZK video from show


Official ZK site

ZK on Kikimoraspath

Words of appreciation :

I would love to express my deep acknowledgements about trust in my willingness to accompany with music such a spirit on czech fashion scene as Zuzana Kubickova is. This show was another fruitful example of our lovely joint action. Thank you Zuzana, thank you Olo, thank you all!

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