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Wasa Express (jazz rock / fusion, Scandinavia, 1977 - 1979)

Wasa Express

Oozlum flight through space disco rock flash of lighting of scandinavia prog rock corpus!

wasa express - wasa express (1977)

Wasa Express - New Tuna (1977)

New Tuna
'Simple adjusting rhythm surprised with soaring fantasy (tron mellowed synth strings) fusion roll over into wasa vision that gets you higher and there with every note. High-flown graduation feeds fire of wasa express with black diamonds. CHUF CHUF! No sweat, just effortless arid white burn! Whirlwind of harden aural gyrus is the next level. TOP...decaying synths...soaking into the eargasm in 3 and a half minute that is rotated with gentle tickle for over a minute. Slowly but very enjoyable moment when powerful drumming appears out of nowhere follows. Second round? Oh yes! Excellent drumming (Aake Eriksson) driven with bass (Bo Häggstöm)! How many arms? No answer 'only' ascendent end winds up. Excellent!' (Oozlum)

wasa express - on with the action (1978)

Wasa Express - Get up (1978)

Get Up
'Vocally entertaining, pure space disco rock craziness with sweet sense of humor! Pulsing kick, descending little creature's call from the dark and the Roger (?) questioning and giving final lesson that clears everything. Goood!' (Oozlum)

Wasa Express - moonlight grotesk (1978)

Moonlight Grotesk
'Hard rock guitars intro is melted into tron melodies that puts a big smile on V !'s face. Possitive and very charming! Before...creepy chorus from 80s houses of fear with vampires without teeth appears...Macabre! An essential and the most easy-to-remember essence of wasa moondark.

Moonlight, moonlight, moonlight grotesque!

Declining tempo as a fine closure.
Highly recommended for fullmoon sleepless nights!' (Oozlum)

wasa express - till attack (1978)

Wasa Express - den finska solen (live) (1978)

Den Finska Solen (live) (1978)
'Very short but very good! Tango polka! Sauna?' (Oozlum)

wasa express - schack matt (1979)

Wasa Express - devil's danceland (1979)

Devil's Danceland
'She's hot, she's cool, she's crazy, i'm fool but i want her!'
'Fine bass mixed with vocoded trombone-like sounds. Just an example of 1979 production.
For sure man is alive and want to have some fun. Mainstream. Not so much of interest.
Maybe the vocal would sound fine in big stadium where there is only you as the audience and singer in the commentator cabin?' (Oozlum)

Wasa Express - a question of temperature (1979)

A Question Of Temperature (1979)
'Is it really a question of temperature? Only one thing that whips out here is the echoed 'hah' vocal and vielleicht quirky synth that keeps the song going ok. Temperature i mean love dropped...' (Oozlum)


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