středa 9. června 2010


Modeschau interview with Kiki
Modeschau on radio wave & fb page

Recorded interview together with DiSCO MORGANA MODESCHAUA

LISTEN /in czech language only/

Light Bath & The Blue Flame & Cloud Chamber by David Byrne
Dense Beasts by David Byrne
Where Will The Grass Grow by Moonkyte with L.A.P.D. by Illwind
In All My Dreams by Jake Jones
How Long (Oozlum edit) by Saga with Sophisticated Shake by Stelvio Cipriani
Call From The Dark by Magma with Suki Suki Daisuku by Jun Togawa
Spring (Oozlum edit) by Marsupilami with J.L.T. by T.2
Calling Occupants (Of Interplanetary Craft) by Klaatu

L I S T E N (only on request)

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