středa 23. června 2010

AOR (ad*lt-oriented rock) Aestheticism 1

Fortune - S/T


in intelligent people is the rarest thing i know'. (Ernest Hemingway)

Former members

Larry Greene
Roger Scott Craig
Bobby Birch
Colleen Fortune
Ray Barrett

AOR (ad*lt-oriented rock) Aestheticism. It's time to kleptomania. Get the code!

Fortune (band)

Princess Princess - Teleportation (1987)

AOR (ad*lt-oriented rock) side of JUN TOGAWA. Se-xee! PLOP!

Princess Princess - Hypnotized

2 komentáře:

  1. There is a story that is good to mention here. Foton radost had very demanding wish to hear 'hypnotized' again. Oozlum lost the track to this beauty and forgot about its existence. Suddenly the egg was layed here and subconsciousness reveal its power. Rub it tight! Here it is. Great that you love it. Thank you for your patience too! X


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