pátek 28. prosince 2012

In memoriam, Bety Majerníková, for Marcel Holubec W. by Oozlum directed by Olo

In memoriam, Bety Majerníková (Slovak band Noisecut frontwoman), for Marcel Holubec W. by Oozlum directed by Olo presented at Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 and Bratislava Fashion Weekend 2012.


01 Autopsia - Radical machine (Oozlum edit) 5.37
02 Noisecut - Ako dalej & Po Zotmeni (Oozlum edit) 8.55
03 Susumu Yokota - Gekkoh 4.59

track 1&2 upon request (layoozlumegg@gmail.com)

Listen to Oozlum version of Ako dalej :

Listen to Oozlum version Po Zotmeni :


Dark and brilliant at the same time paparazzi voyage by vojtech kastanek.

Marcel Holubec W. S/S 2013 by Jan Boubelik on MAUDHOMME

Prague Fashion Weekend 2012 photo bits (Zuzana Kubickova included - see my previous post)


Ovation at Bratislava Fashion Weekend 2012

Official Marcel Holubec W site

The collection features also in a new fashion video touching the surface of the dance for camera globe directed by Jakub Jahn to be presented april 2013 in Bio Oko. Read about it here.

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