neděle 25. října 2009

Can Am Des Puig - The Book of AM (Pts. I & II) (1978)

OUTstanding psych/unearthly folk . . . HAUNTING melodies full of essential trippy elements...

personally favorite : The Song Of Am - Dawn

. . .to transmute the mortality. . .

discogs . . .Includes a 143-page illustrated hardcover book comprised of the original illustrated Book of AM by Juan Arkotxa and Leslie Mackenzie along with extensive notes and information. . .

ex-chrisgoesrock . . . mist-veiled-garden...and now available on dirtyfunky!



update 01 :

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  1. Assuming you are interested by "Book of AM" project, you will be maybe interested by this video:

  2. Thank you anonymous for such a lovely suggestions! It's been updated.


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