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Albert Marcoeur (RIO/Avant-Prog, France) - 3 studio albums

ALBERT MARCOEUR, French multi-instrumentalist/composer, was born on December 12 1947, in Dijon, France. During his formal education of clarinet at the National Academy of Music and Dance of Dijon, Marcoeur actively participated in many straightforward college rock 'n roll bands. Closing an end to his formal training Marcoeur's musical visions had gravitated towards the experimental facets of music, wishing "to do nothing else but make my own music"...(continue progarchives reading)


Albert Marcoeur, studio album (1974)
Album à colorier, studio album (1974)
Armes et cycles, studio album (1979)
Celui où y'a Joseph, studio album (1984)
Ma vie avec elles, studio album (1990)
Sports et percussions, studio album (1994)
m,a,r et cour, comme cour, studio album (1998)
Plusieurs cas de figure, studio album (2001)
L'Apostrophe, studio album (2005)
Bus 24, DVD (2006)

While an acquired taste, ALBERT MARCOEUR's early works are highly recommended.

Albert Marcoeur - Albert Marcoeur (1974)

Albert Marcoeur - album Е colorier (1976)

Albert Marcoeur - Armes Et Cycles (1979)

Albert Marcoeur - S/T was posted on francemusik before (Bitrate 96 / 22,5 Mb).
Oozlum version is around 224 kbps bitrate / 166 Mb and the whole package contains first 3 LPs (there is also an example of 4th album)

ticket here

There is a bonus track included (07 veloutй d'asperges) from 1984's celui ou ya joseph LP which is my personally favorite track from this LP!

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