čtvrtek 25. srpna 2011

Oozlum - Black Steel In The Hour Of White Whip Seduction (2011)

Oozlum work is available freely for non commercial use but not freely for any of commercial use.

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  1. Hey Oozlum, killer track, its as though the chattering DMT machine elves crept into Alessandro Novaga's studio one night in the early eighties and re-programmed his Roland 808 drum machine..its house beats Jim, but not as we know it!

    Love the 'whips' sound! Always was a sucker for that "whoosing" sound ever since I heard the start of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich's 1969 classic 'The Legend Of Xanadu' as a kid!

    And of course the whipping sounds on Must's 1978 classic 'Sado Maso Disco' are pretty cool as is the entire release.

    Also like the fifties bondage "Bizarre Magazine" and the title of the track, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch would have been very proud!

    If anyone is wondering about the Alessandro Novaga release I am talking about here is a 320 rip of 'Faces Drums' which was reissued as a 12 inch bootleg earlier this year:


    I think the above rip was originally from the Italodeviance blog but no idea on the original source if it ain't them.

    And for anyone wondering what the "whip" sounds of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich's 'The Legend Of Xanadu' sound like check out this YT vid and marvel at Jimmy Saville's pudding basin hair cut!:


    ps> thanks for your greeting in Disco2Go blog comments, such a shame he has stopped posting but many of the links are still working..such a great archive!

  2. Hello The SP!

    Alessandro Novaga is pertinent association in deed. Haven't heard his Faces Drums (actually all of his work is new to me) but after providing your link here (thank you!) i pretty liked drums3! Actually i was playing with layers of drums and shifting those layers (miliseconds) and what was interesting that it created some reverbs naturally without even using those as effects.

    You has/d a wonderful childhood! Such videos and moments was rare in mine but at least i was dreaming about them in a way. And that can be fun too. Yes, 'Sado Maso Disco' is classic! There is also one record that came to my mind and that has this whipping sound. It's enriched with vocals that express the enjoyment/torture of such a bad/good behaving with that long sharp leather thing. The funny thing is that they switch their roles. That's how it should be. Link for the post of TORTURA vol. 2 - USA - 1965 can be found here : http://tinyurl.com/3rw22c5

    Thanks for liking the visual for Black Steel! These magazines/books have been in my wishlist for a long time. They are just painted in such a nice way. I can't help my self.

    Ok, see you on Disco2Go when the ball starts to roll again there or somewhere else. Thanks for all of your support! I really appreciate it!!

    V !


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