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Jean Pierre Bernard Massiera pt I

HUMAN EGG - S/T, 1978, France, J.P.Massiera

A1 Egg (1:08)
A2 Feeling On My Mind (4:35)
A3 The Lonely Man (3:35)
A4 Rainbows All Around (4:12)
A5 Fly (4:33)
B1 Delusion (2:36)
B2 Love Like This (3:50)
B3 I Got A Dream Of My Own (3:18)
B4 Hiroshima (2:15)
B5 You Keep Me Warm My Lady (3:30)
B6 Onomatopaeia (2:25)

Human Egg was originally cracked on france musik

VA jean-pierre massiera psychoses discoid 1963-1981 (224 kbps, 81,5 Mb)

01 Sex Convention - Toi Qui Rêve De Baisers
02 Herman's Rocket - Indian Planète
03 Micky & Joyce - Ma' Jackson
04 Herman's Rocket - Hanged In The Universe
05 Human Egg - Onomatopaeia
06 Brasa Brasil & Helena - I Got To Bahia
07 Human Egg - Love Like This
08 J.P.M. &Co - C'est Showbizz
09 Starlight - Mao Mao
10 J.Joyce and Co - Daddy and Mama
11 J.P.M. &Co - Baby Topless
12 Venus Gang - Love To Fly
13 Visitors - V-i-S-T-O-R-S
14 Micky & Joyce - Hold Up

Tracklist here is not the same as on cover art that follows 2007 vinyl released.

ticket here



Les chats renaissance-hermaphrodites, LP, 1972, France

Mystery Poster

J.P. Massiera & Bernard Torelli - Turn Radio On (France, 1976)

Jean-Pierre Massiera

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  1. You ever come across a rip of the Herman's Rocket 1977 album 'Space Woman'? I know Mucho Gusto re-released it on vinyl and as I do not have a record player anymore, its of little use so I am waiting for the CD version to come out like they did with the Venus Gang album....in the mean time I was hoping someone would do a rip of the album but so far I have not being able to find a copy anywhere on the net.

    If you do ever come across it I would be most appreciative if you could let me know <>> and likewise if I do come across a rip I will let you know!

  2. Herman's Rocket - Space Woman was uploaded by FRANCE MUSIK too!


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