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Zeus B. Held - Zeus' Amusement (LP, 1978, Brain) & Visionova I (Zeus B. Held & Anselm Spring) (LP, 1980) & Attack time (LP, 1981, Aladin)

Zeus B. Held - Zeus' Amusement (LP, 1978, Brain)

Funk kraut childish vocoded foolish flushing rotating into cold sweat ride with joyful slapping accompanied with high pitch nailing that turns the melody into the nice pubescent beast that pours out wilder harmonies onto the showing up horizonts saluting Europe theme de Z.B.Held! Cosmo voice full of jazzy phrases around clusty bloom evokes a little arrest. Apnoe(a) diluted with syrup final jam that turns on great introduction with italian prog symph fanfare to kraut Hi-NRG jazz number with pounding rhythm and flourishing interlude full of echoes from beginning. Favorite one! Ckaude as a releaxed flight of dragonfly over japan lakes full of german nostalgia suddenly breaks apart and you find your ego washing your dirty laundry in an azure clouds while dancing with every puffy grind get you even higher where 'creatures of your fantasies' unship you in thee nation of people living in the purple clouds. Falling down in demented spirals never felt better! Like emerald ripe fruit gravitation amnesty. One by one. Favorite one! Waking up being greeted as a visitor turns to sleazy slavery by masters living unbekannt object deep in ZBH galaxy. Avant garde elements extinguish promising riot heat. The hope remains in a vocoded message that goes right to the top.
Profound howling bassss with jazz variations doesn't clean up a mess in the kitchen where was just a right time for a cake from black mamba eggs (cover art vision)! Finger-licking good! Violin part here is such a great top of this desert bona bona with its gradation! Time to finish the circle with stammering awe!

01-the fool on the hill
02-off the cuff
03-goodbye europe
04-italian items
06-madmans rag
07-why cant i be a singer
08-las ok
09-space cake

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Europium by Zeus B. Held has been cracked previously! Enjoy it here!


Zeus B. Held - Visionova I (Zeus B. Held & Anselm Spring) (LP, 1980)

Epic waking up into a bright nova day where every wish turns to aural eargasm. What a start! Flute with shaking breath of indiana choco beauty pour a bit of humidity on everything dry with triangle psychomagic solutions ... drifting kraut quitars. Shaking all over. Escorting fanfare trumpets bringing all death to vivid reincarnation! Piano-fanfare duet is the new born child that drags the trumpet and let the kraut swing begin! A shift. Strong interruption by darkness in the form of ascending threat fighting with light kraut swing jazz. Each of them to keep the gateway to its realm hidden to unwanted forces. Light force has the final word. Sitting on the edge watching all falling down like ash fragments dropping 'tshhh' on the submarine-like creatures slowly floating through the dusty fields full of luminiscent roses. The fragrance has been spread all over the horivertizont and waved the vast aural movement that destroyed all of the submarine-like monster and liberate all of the men with masks singing on their way for the next begin. Essential kraut here! One of the most aural targeting atmospheric mainstream kraut that Oozlum has ever flown over. Beauty! How long is six ? Exactly as six long hours that took the Visionova to bubble us through the old to the new! Pedo kraut disco xian smutling with naturalness 'there ain't nothing important going on'. Just birds and flute in an early prog manner in wooden sticks tempo.

01 In A Word, This Morning - Miracle And Snake - Man
02 In The Gateway To Heaven
03 Dance On The Streets
04 The Roses' Complaint
05 Six Long Hours
06 Young Days
07 Children's Forest

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Zeus B Held - Attack Time (LP, 1981, Aladin)

Enfant clap into the rhythm of electronic delayed disco machinery body rock full of herbs and harmonies that heals changes into cabaret kraut disco sense of humor evolving into early 80's vocoded wheeze verbal riot!

Is Cowboy On The Beach dressed by Zeus B Held stepping on the thermogenic sand with Bassso's aka buzzy bird boots ? Were they made for walking on the moon ?

Sandy Boots by bassso

edit : Sandy Boots by Bassso is sadly not available anymore.

Easy explanation why to dance for the better eras of music follows. It will be teleportable for sure! What's on news today? Unstable channels of fumous sequenced fun where one part dims the other and the other enlights the 1st/last! Raise your pistols. It's not over! Is there any other way how to make anyone's path through? Pif paf! Fortunately guitar riffs here are messed up with dark and funny Zeus voice and some sense of tension. "So better raise your gun for eternal fun!" Come on baby Drive my fire in the car! And maybe i love you. ^_^ Funny remake of Christina's Baby You Can Drive My Car blended with Light My Fire by Doors and funny synth slurping. Listen and be a star. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, no. Beep, Beep, Beep. Moving in a magic circles might evoke rotating through Supermax set! Eurode hymn in decent progressive electronic approach can be considered as another evolution of Europa themes in Zeus work. Manual of piano (proto)-punk kraut test follows with rock'n'roll mamamamamamamamamamama accelerated/brisk spells. Catchy refrain, right?! Didn't I mention that the riff in the last song is the reason why Europium is so enjoyable ? The mass ovation is nothing compared to demented sliding of the Oozlum favorite instrument from left hemisphere to the right hemisphere. Amazing! Didn't i .... aaaaaahhhha hhhaaah .... thuaaaaah !? Yuch!

01 Enfant Terrible
02 Cowboy On The Beach
03 Transportable Music
04 Daily News
05 Raise Your Gun
06 Drive My Car
07 Magic Circles
08 Eurode
09 Test
10 Didn't I

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Lightning thank you!

update 01 :
Zeus B. Held's Logic of Coincidence

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