sobota 16. ledna 2010

Zeus B. Held - Europium (Germany, 1979)

prog rock / kraut / vocoded disco brilliance by Zeus (Birth Control). Enjoy!

Zeus on wiki

Zeus on discogs

ticket here

pseudo-disco AOR (Sky release) on MS

personally favorite : Through the motions & School is out

...cuz my little games are the sweetest! Hahahahahahaaaa!...

King Kong-st,LP,1981,Germany

8 komentářů:

  1. Thank you for posting "Europium". I was searching for it about 2 years on the net.

  2. Thank you that you kept on searching & find it here!

  3. thx - europium is sooo rare!! Especially the title song is lovely isn't it?

  4. YES, Europium Suite is Opium indeed! (Coulered Tan Go - Europium - Four Phases Of An Imagist's Blue).

  5. Europium
    Thanks! Nice Blog:D

  6. Merci infiniment pour ce partage qui va rejoindre le blind test de et félicitations pour cet excellent blog !


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