středa 6. dubna 2011

AOR (ad*lt-oriented rock) Aestheticism 2

Cruiser - Terror in the streets (1980)

Hard rock rolling AOR monster that hauls excellent rhythm cargo right to your Malleus & Incus membrane. So heavy, so good!

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Russia - Outer Space Seeds (1980)

Not strict AOR but rather quirky POMP rock! The brass stimulation!
Russia on AOR-FM

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Saga - How long (Oozlum edit) (2010)

Already part of DISCO MORGANA™ SAGA this is single offering of one of the easy-to-aural-to Saga songs at least for Oozlum flights. Enjoy!


Tommy Bolin - Bustin' Out For Rosey

Surfing AOR sleaze with such nonchalance on the board with perfect feet-your-feet dull drumming. Great track with amazing sound of guitars!

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Trooper - 3 Dressed Up As A 9

"Hey, wait a minute. Who do you think who you are ?"
Heavy disco-influenced melodic hard rock drift helps the whole song building up great atmosphere that is not afraid to humiliate your ego with a bit of dirt. The refrain saves it all! 3 dressed up as a 9. No need to wait any minute longer!

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Zon - Point Of View - Where To Spend My Dollar
Two ZON's fragments already mixed together, arising with magic empathy 'Point Of View' is over all perfect starter of incoming pomp symphonic saga-related craze, advanced in a texture, perfect heavy storm with pounding easy to ask for a freedom piano that drives the aurality into beautiful symphonic pomp pomp territories! 4th minute brings a drastic change with complete up-side-down splash of what-will-come-next-fobia that suddenly turns into amazing rhythm game (what a light funkiness of the lead!) that just makes you the happiest person around! Some funny spelling simply turns the importance into lilliputian significatió!

ZON on canadianbands

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