neděle 14. listopadu 2010

V ! (Oozlum) & collective of designers for SfS 2010

Shooting fashion stars 2010


Veronika Mayerova

Zuzana Kubiĉkovȧ

Oozlum has been ready to aurally errect almost every kind of willing misty-desire coming out of our dreams (this is actually aural ɑ & Ω of this blog!) expedition to explore unknown territories while travelling through not only our culture-trotting garderobe? Yes!

Here's the earshot expression of this kind of being the dream in case of Zuzana :

Iain Ballamy - Mictyris (Oozlum edit)

Zuzana Sedmidubska

Ticket to natural joy from eco touch in every walk on the water below

Cro Magnon & Bub - tram 44 (Oozlum extended edit)


Willingness to travel and explore foreign cultures (Yunnan province, China) with straight connection to the context of modernized western '*** is the new black!' world.

Art Zoyd - Migrations

Near future Oozlum-Mirka Talavaskova symph-fashion co-operation

about SfS

Design magazin

light garden


Mladi cesti navrhari smele konkuruji svetovym predvadecim molum!

czech elle

Not credited : defile (final) & other aural parts of SfS (collective of designers - Dvojita (Sharp), Pavel Ivancic, music & video by Daniel Pietrucha) ....

Daniel Pietrucha short SfS movie clips

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