úterý 3. srpna 2010

Nora - Questa Notte (Constant, 1986)

Fresh after decades! Sounds simply ahead and keeps hey days boundboundless! YES!

Lyrics (translated by Irene, our italian roommate. I assume her mom knows Le Orme well!):

Sognando questa notte ti guardai,
Sognando questa notte ti baciai,
Tocco te e mi sento felice,
Sognando questa notte e dici: sorridimi.
Amara è questa notte senza luci,
Amara è questa notte senza adulti,
Tocco te e mi sento felice,
Amara è questa notte e dici: sorridimi.
Questa melodia è il nostro primo scontro, sì, amami!
Ecco rido già, è musica che sento, sì, stringimi!!

Dreaming this night I watched you,
Dreaming this night I kissed you,
I touch you and I feel happy,
Dreaming this night and you tell me: smile at me.
It's bitter this night without lights,
it's bitter this light without adults,
I touch you and I feel happy,
It's bitter this night and you tell me: smile at me.
This melody is our first fight, yes, love me!
I laugh already, it's the music I hear, yes, hug me tight!!

ticket thanks to Feel the rhythm

update 01 :

Thanks to Arnoldas Miliauskas for stopping by on facebook oozlum page and having a nice conversation!

Here's the requested Instrumental version (320 kbps) for late night karaoke training. Another ticket for an autogram for Arnoldas from Nora! Nora, are you there ?

Nora - Questa Notte (Instrumental version)

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  1. Many thanks for the heads up on the Nora track, total retro-futurism or should that be futuristic-retro...anyway, killer track.

    Vivaitalodisco blog is such a great source for unknown tracks though the sheer number of posts you have to wade through to hit gold can be sometimes a little overwhelming...a little like real life crate-digging I guess!


  2. Hello,

    as far as the brightness goes i search the last place on earth. I agree that sometimes it takes time but there is a trick to USE our intuition and experience of following everything in the right eclipse (not talking only about the name or cover art). I'm building this sense every day. The mission of Oozlum flight & happy to serve the results!


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