neděle 7. března 2010

Circuit 7

Essential minimal wave fragment much ahead of its time!

Circuit 7 - video boys 1984, (reissue - 2009, 320 kbps)

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official site

Circuit 7 info

myspace (unofficial)

Circuit 7 - Modern Story 7'' 1984 available on 7" from the underground!

Various Artists - Offering of Isca LP

available on systemsofromance

3 komentáře:

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Circuit 7 re-release and in such good quality too! I totally agree with you that it sounds so ahead of it time...perhaps too ahead of its time and that why it can be more appreciated three decades later!

    Really like your blog, I too love the kind of prog that has a heavy 4/4 beat and sometimes strays into disco territory! Speaking personally, my favourite artist of this "genre" is JP Massiera and albums like "The Egg" (which I am sure you already have but just in case you can get it from the wonderful FrenchMusik blog which I see you have in your blog list along with the wonderful 'The Thing On My Doorstep' and Mutant Sounds!

    Keep the progelectronicdiscoid flag flying Oozlum!

  2. @The Saucer People : I love Human Egg so much! It's been long in my wishlist and it's so good that i can listen to it every time i feel like to! Talking about crack of the eggs have you come across The Crack of the cosmic egg? My girlfriend gave this encyclopedia to me as a surprise and what a moment i must say! I'm discovering, loving, listening to a lot of new aural booms there. Upcoming shares!


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