čtvrtek 30. září 2010

Yamasuki Singers - Yamasuki (Oozlum edit) (2010)


Several motives blended into this aferican (jap-jap-franco) monster. Main song was heard at the very 1st time in the Alexis Le-Tan's mix When The Snow Falls.

(Kenya & Tanzania Witchcraft & Ritual music)

pátek 10. září 2010


original size

Make us a SERiOUS offer that we can't refuse and we perform at your (favourite) venue.

pondělí 6. září 2010

The legendary pink dots - Dolls' house (1983)

I'll stay loyal even when I'm dreaming.

I'll see no-one else, no-one else at all.

You're my universe, my guide, my reason for existence.

I'll do anything you ask me - anything at all.

I belong to you. BELONG!

You own me, made me, have the power to destroy me...

Go ahead I'm yours. I'm yours. I'm on all fours, just do the hell what you


I'm yours! You have my soul. Sell it if you want to. I'm yours. I'm yours. I'm yours.

Go ahead, sell my soul. I'm yours...

The legendary pink dots - Dolls' House from Curse (1983)

Acid splashed tears rolling down the fAce!


středa 1. září 2010

The Mothmen - Pay Attention (On-U Sound, 1981)

Avant-garde electronic 80s art-rock with bits of dub truly throws in the locomotive steam and smoke-dry Oozlum wet parts!

Pay Attention


The Mothmen
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